Die Wölfe international unterwegs!

Party at the USA Outdoor Tournament in Preston, UK am 03./04. März 2018

Cheers Lads!

After much anticipation, Wer(f)wölfe finally arrived in Manchester with a somewhat bumpy landing due to very british, windy weather. And boy, what a bumpy ride the rest of that weekend came to be!

A train ride later the team arrived in Preston, where all the magic was about to happen and where our delegation was to throw, drink, sleep and repeat for the next few days. Of course, the responsible attitude of our travelers resulted in practice for the party on the following day, and so a taste test of the English range of beverages was made immediately.

Wer(f)wölfe warmed up for Saturday games the next morning, the team came in well motivated and took victory by having good team chemistry and making smart adjustments on the field (as well as opposing teams lacking substitue players and/or men on the line). The biggest challenge and surely the most fun game on this day was against „Jest“ who took away a remarkable lead and finished the game in a tie.

After such a great day of ultimate, a great night out was expected and we wouldn’t be disappointed. After dinner in the local students Pub, the team headed out to a pre-party in one of our hosts homes. This event was surely entertaining in multiple ways, as it taught us many lessons about English partying culture. After having lots of cider, smirnoff from the bottle and assuring that the Queen didn’t drown in our beers, we headed out to the actual party, a club in the middle of Preston. Even though it was a public event and therefore hard to call it a serious competition for the title, some might insist on declaring the team from Augsburg the party winners (somehow).

On the second day we lost the first game of the tournament due to seemingly not fully awake/sober party-wolfs. The motivation returned to the team and once more headed into a match versus Jest, determined to take revenge on the victory that was taken from them the day before. Even though Augsburg took the lead again, we followed the habit of getting nervous when facing a strategy that lead to a few too many turns, which ultimately costed us the victory in the last game.

Nevertheless, the second game against Jest was even more enjoyable than the one before due to the challenge it set up for us. We were able to show our strenghts and play them out fairly well, but in the end, Jest was able to pull out one more rabbit from their hat, showing us where theres is potential for our team to grow.

It was a fun tournament for us and other teams seemed to noticed as well, rewarding us with the spirit victory and even showing interest in travelling to Germany to join our Huck & Howl tournament on June 23-24.

In the end, it was an exceptional and fun tournament, leaving us with the hope of facing some british teams again soon, be it on German or English turf!